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14 February 2007 @ 06:36 pm
Assembling home again, home again.  
The loft is grand, but we needed some amenities so we walked and trained and walked to Ikea, away to the east from our start in East London. I haven't been to Ikea in years. It was great to see the way they've held to their original goals of good-looking & cheap, as every other retailer races upmarket after bigger profits. We bought two reading lamps for one pound fifty each, an apparently undamaged wicker chair from the bargain bin for eleven pounds and an excellent heavy metal teflon frying pan for seven pounds. Also tons of other stuff. We staggered to the train carrying huge blue sacks full of the unassembled fruit of Swedish design consistency.

We got home, opened a bottle of wine, pulled out the screwdrivers and went to work.
Current Mood: Resting after the harvest.
Current Music: The washer endlessly turning.
barbonthehillbarbonthehill on February 15th, 2007 03:12 pm (UTC)
Romper Room At Orchard Hill
Snow, Snow and more Snow....No school yesterday and three 18 year olds playing pool, poker, music and reading during the day while eating non stop during the storm. We kept the fire going and went through two rings of wood. Peter made a spectacular breakie consisting of banana pancake/bacon/raspberry smoothie. Lunch rolled into a late supper of a pot of home made soup and bread and seasoned goat cheese and we were snuggled in and happily. Until the darkness fell and all became restless.
As more snow started to blow, Jesse and Wynn ventured out to the NH diner to meet with the rest of the neighborhood. Bella Blasko held court at her corner booth in the diner. Mark traveled to Ft Washington on the train with a bouquet of tulips in hand for a new girl called Kay. Peter made a reservation at the Phillips Mill Inn and I enjoyed the best meal of grouper I have ever tasted.It was a lovely night. Happy Valentines to you.